Friday, March 2, 2012

A is for Agron adoration.

Agron, Dianna.. because I just couldn't wait until 'D'. Plus, Glee is on tonight, so it's topical and shit.

By far the creepiest thing about me is my obsession with Dianna Agron.. and there are a lot of creepy things about me, so that's saying something. Seriously though, this girl. I have no idea what it is about her - she's beautiful, yes, but lots of people are - but I just adore her immeasurably. I even named my car after her. I know she approves because like two days later she wore the above dress which is THE SAME COLOUR AS MY CAR. We'll be married any minute.

One time, she dyed her hair pink. That was a good time.

I have just spent twenty minutes on Google Images just looking at pictures of her and I forgot to get any to show you because I was mesmerised by the beautiful. See? Totally creepy.

Look at that SMILE.

And those EYES.

OKAY I'm going because I'm starting to creep myself out and also because this blog has served its purpose of making me someone else's problem for a good half an hour.. in fact, if anything, doing my 'hobby' today has only provided further evidence that I really, really need a hobby.

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  1. We, of course, know that's whorizontally superficial, don't we? Because in Heaven, girls will have that gorgeous beauty without the makeup. Thank God we only live for 85ish years. God bless you.