Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh when the saints.

It has come to my attention that I need more hobbies.

Well, really, I need more friends, but a hobby just seems a lot more.. realistic.

For all of you thinking 'You already have a hobby! You are supposed to be writing me a letter and I have NOT YET RECEIVED ONE, and how about that BAKING, eh?', you have a point, but shut up we're not talking about that right now. I have all year to write letters, and only a short time to get a hobby before I drive certain people in my life up the wall and around the bend.

So blogging is going to be my hobby! I am going to become a blogger.

I have had a blog for a long time, but since Dressember finished I haven't really been a blogger. I've been a girl who sometimes writes a little story on the internet.. and it really isn't the same thing, is it?

I don't really know what kind of blogger to be. I can't be a food blogger because usually I just have popcorn and half a cucumber for dinner, and I can't blog about The Issues because there are already plenty of far smarter people doing that, and I can't blog about fashion because I have no sense of it whatsoever. I can't blog about my job because it's kind of a secret and I can't blog about my FANTASTICALLY EXCITING LIFE because that's also kind of a secret but also mostly because I do not have one.

Ooh, I've had an idea! The other night I watched a movie called 'The Alphabet Killer'. Saying I watched it is a bit of a stretch, because I watched about fifteen minutes of it, then played Angry Birds on my phone for half an hour just to keep the bestie company while she watched it, then just plain gave up and went to bed. BUT the point is, there was a movie called The Alphabet Killer, and I saw a bit of it, and even though it wasn't even really about a killer who killed people in alphabetical order, I am going to pretend like it was and use it as my blogger goddess inspiration. Every day I will blog about a topic starting with each letter of the alphabet. One letter on each day, not 26 blogs a day, because that would drive certain people up the wall and around the bend in an entirely different way ('WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO MY GOOGLE READER, AMY?!').

This post has already been plenty long enough so I will start this tomorrow. If anyone can think of a good 'A' word (aside from Amy, which is clearly the best 'A' word), please feel free to make a suggestion. Or actually any other letters of the alphabet would be fine because I'll probably be just as stuck for all of them. You can keep your 'g' suggestions though, because my 'g' post will obviously be about giraffes.

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