Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today's photo challenge is 'Something you adore'. For me, this carries the weight of the world on its shoulders. Something I love? Sure, I can do love. I love a multitude of things. Someone I adore? Again, simple. I adore more people than I can count on my fingers. But a thing that I adore? One simply needs to look in the dictionary to see that 'adore' is not a word that can simply be placed upon an inanimate object without careful consideration:
To love with one's entire heart and soul; regard with deep respect and affection.
To regard with deep, often rapturous love.
To regard with the utmost esteem, loveand respect; honor.
Is there, then, a 'thing' that I adore? Well, I'm not sure about 'rapturous love', but I found something that comes pretty close to the first and third definitions.

This necklace was a gift from my grandmother at my first of what will be four graduations. While I love the necklace itself, I adore what it stands for. Education. Knowledge. Perseverance. Achievement. My commitment to the field of psychology. Family. Rare and all-too-fleeting satisfaction. Pride. Joy. Progress.

When I wear it, I remember three things. I am educated. I am capable. I am loved.

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