Monday, January 2, 2012

This is the song that doesn't end.

Once, long ago - years ago, it feels - a '30 Days of Me' challenge prompted the creation of this blog. Now, months after I closed it, a similar challenge had necessitated its revival.

I will be doing this.

I will probably also be writing, because writing comes far more easily to me than taking pictures, and I am coming to a point in my life where writing my thoughts may serve a very important function indeed. I am approaching a scary time; a lonely time; a time where the illusion of human contact may be more needed than ever before.

But for now the scary, lonely time simply looms in my future, barely touching my present, and I am not scared, and certainly not lonely. This is me, at this moment:

That is the face and hair of humidity. I complain endlessly about Wellington's complete inability to ever heat me to excess, but right at this moment I cannot remember why on earth I thought that might be something I missed about home. I am currently heated to excess and pining for the cool Wellington breeze.

I wasn't aware at breakfast that I would be partaking in this challenge, but here is what I ate:

When I wind up in Hell, I think we can safely assume 'gluttony' was on the list. Now I need to go an find something I 'adore' for tomorrow's photo: fair warning, it may be breakfast food again.

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