Sunday, January 8, 2012

Favourite sky.

I have meant, over the last 48 hours, to take photos of many favourites. My favourite person (my bestie), my favourite animal (a hedgehog - I saw TWO and it was oh so very exciting), my favourite chocolate (Whittakers, dark, eaten for dessert this evening). However, each of these passed without me remembering to take a picture, and now my photo is horribly late. I have, however, finally captured a favourite on (metaphotical) film - my favourite t-shirt:

which can be seen in a far more illuminated fashion here and can be purchased here.

Today's challenge: my sky. Tonight's sky is not photo friendly, as my camera is not waterproof and neither am I. However, this is my 'sky' at present: the ceiling of my friend's room, where I am spending my final week in Wellington (only nights, really, he lets me out during the day).

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